Project Information

  • Nanwalek & Port Graham Slide Show
  • Nanwalek & Port Graham Slide Show
  • Nanwalek & Port Graham Slide Show
  • Nanwalek & Port Graham Slide Show
  • Nanwalek & Port Graham Slide Show

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are proposing to build a shared airport and airport access road between the communities of Nanwalek and Port Graham (Proposed Action) located 3.5 miles apart. The purpose of the Proposed Action is to provide a safer and more reliable shared airport that meets A-I Airport Reference Code for the communities of Nanwalek and Port Graham. The existing airports do not meet current FAA standards for A-I aircraft.

The Proposed Action would resolve airport deficiencies through the following actions:

  • Construct a 3,300-by-60-foot runway;

  • Construct a 3,780-by-120-foot runway safety area;

  • Clear trees for a 3,780-by-400-foot runway obstacle free area;

  • Construct a firm graded gravel runway, including a dust palliative;

  • Construct a 25-foot-wide taxiway;

  • Construct a 60,000-square-foot apron with a 30,000-square-foot lease lot support area;

  • Construct a heated snow-removal equipment building on the airport apron;

  • Leave the construction contractor’s office on the airport apron for a passenger waiting facility if the communities agree to take over responsibility;

  • Clear trees for a 1,000-by-500-by-700-foot runway protection zone;

  • Install a runway lighting system, threshold marking, and runway midpoint sign;

  • Construct a two-lane gravel road 3.5 miles long and 22.5 feet wide for Nanwalek and Port Graham residents to access the airport; and

  • Acquire 187 acres of land (132 acres for the airport and 55 acres for the access road) to construct the airport, access road, and maintain future land use compatibility.




Updated: May 24, 2013 10:13 AM