University Lake Drive Extension Project  

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Welcome to the University Lake Drive Project Website

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Department of Public Works, Project Management, and Engineering Division (PM&E) is working with Alaska Pacific University (APU) to upgrade and extend University Lake Drive eastward and northward to eventually connect with University Drive. The proposed road extension will be on APU’s campus north of the MOA’s University Lake Dog Park.

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University Lake Drive Extension Project Area

  The extension of University Lake Drive is in the APU Master Plan and it is intended to:
  • provide better circulation through the APU campus,
  • provide access to APU endowment lands, and
  • provide an alternative access onto and off of campus in the event of an emergency.

    Survey field work to confirm the project area boundaries is complete. The public involvement, preliminary engineering, and environmental documentation phases of the project are in progress. Throughout this process, public input is encouraged to meet the needs of all parties involved. Please see the schedule and comments pages for opportunities to participate in the public process. 

    It is essential for communication with the public and agencies to remain open throughout the duration of the project so the project team can identify concerns and/or issues and potential solutions. The purpose of inviting the public to comment is to allow the public to help shape the development and outcome of the project. For comments to be of value to the project team, please be sure they contain ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or experiences that relate to the outcome of this project.