City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ)
2013 Water and Wastewater
Rate Study Update

Every 10 years, the CBJ conducts a comprehensive rate study to assess water and wastewater system operating and capital needs and to determine the sufficiency of current rates to meet those needs. The last study was completed in 2003.  It’s now time to update that study for the next 10-year period (2014-2023).

Utility systems are intended to operate as self-supporting enterprise funds; meaning that the costs of providing service should be recovered primarily through user rates and charges. These costs include operating and maintenance, capital improvements and replacements, and adequate cash reserves to meet day-to-day needs and handle emergencies.

The goal of this rate study update is to establish a long-term plan for sustained financial performance, allowing the CBJ to continue delivering the highest level of utility services to its community at fair and reasonable rates. Major study elements will include an assessment of revenue needs, an allocation of system costs to customer classes, and the design of rate structures to address revenue stability, customer equity, and affordability.

Public outreach is a key component of this rate study update.  CBJ Public Works and its rate study consultants will host informational meetings over the next several months that will provide opportunity for questions and comments.

Please check the meeting schedule listed on this website for dates of upcoming public meetings. In addition, meeting notices will be printed on the back of each customer billing envelope.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming public meetings and welcome your questions and comments.


The Juneau Assembly will take action on a proposal to increase rates 9.5% over the next three years at their meeting on June 30, 2014.  The public will have an opportunity to testify at that time.  Click HERE for the Assembly calendar.