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Comment Acceptance Criteria and Privacy Statement

Comment Purpose
We want to hear about issues that are important to you. Your comments will be used to help shape the development and outcome of the project. Each comment received is reviewed by project team members and becomes part of the project's official record. For your comment to assist the project team, please be sure it contains ideas, suggestions, recommendations or experiences that relate to the outcome of this project. Your comment is not a ballot. The project team is not soliciting comments as a means to measure the degree of support for the project.

Timeliness of Reporting Comments on the Website
The website is not set up to instantaneously post incoming messages. Messages are reviewed to ensure that they comply with DOWL's Comment Acceptance Criteria. The comment is then analyzed and categorized for inclusion in the website comment summary. The process may take up to a week to complete. The summary groups comments by topic to facilitate an assessment of the issues raised. Full comments are reviewed by the project team and retained as part of the official public record.

Comment Acceptance Criteria
We welcome all comments and questions about the project. The best way to ensure your comment is received, logged, and posted is to e-mail a project team member or submit your comment through the "submit a comment" link located above. If you request a reply and have included your contact information, you should get a response within a week. Comments not related to project issues, or those that contain rude or slanderous language will not be posted on the website.

Privacy Statement
Information such as your phone number, e-mail or address will not be published with your comment message when it is posted on the website. However, the full comment, with personal identifiers, is part of the official project record and may be subject to the freedom of information requests made by members of the media or general public.



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